What is John Wick 3 like? Keanu Reeves is back baby.

Updated: May 14

Well the 3rd chapter in this series has finally landed. The body count continues.

Ok, let’s get something straight, I am a John Wick fan... Part 1 was awesome, part 2 was good... What about part 3?

What is John Wick 3 like? Keanu Reeves is back baby.

Why did John Wick loose the plot?

Well lets go back to the beginning when John Wick went against Russian gangsters. Johns troubles started when he took a dislike to a Russian gangster, son of the big boss.

The son wanted Johns car, but the car was not for sale. That did not stop the gangster.

At the dead of night the Russian gangster and hie cronies broke into the safe haven of johns house. They attacked John Wick and made the biggest mistake of there life. Not knowing who John Wick was.

Now here comes the pain, they killed his DOG, yes my friends you heard right, HIS DOG!

this is where John Wick lost the plot, big time.

He went mantel, killing all who stood in his way to find and kill the Mafia boss's son.

The body count was massive, he killed everything that moved.

This is why i love John Wick, a true action, revenge movies that has a high body count.

John wick 3

The scene is set, John Wick has been banished from the hotel and league of assassins for killing of hotel grounds. John Wick broke a cardinal rule, never kill on hotel grounds.

Things get worse

The high table put a $14MM bounty on his head, and as you expect all the assassins come out of the woodwork to get paid. All is not bad for John. He does have some support from those who have taken a liking to John in the past.

The main help came from the hotel boss, he supplied John with weapons to go against his enemies. This is when the bloodbath begins.

I do not want to spoil the whole plot for you, its worth while film to watch. Just want to say John Wick kills like a machine and in every way possible. Also, they have set the franchise to run to part 4.

For the fans, John Wick has killed a total of 299 people in all 3 films. WOW, that has got to be one of the highest kill rates in any film?

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