Volcano in Philippines, 1m may be evacuated. Manila at risk.

Updated: Apr 30

The government has urged 1m people to evacuate there homes near Manila. The volcano is releasing ash that is landing near Manila. The air quality is so poor locals are having to wear masks for their safety.

The local volcanic experts have issued a warning level 4, this means an eruption is likely due in the next few days. This would be catastrophic for the local environment.

The Taal volcano on the island of Luzon, 460k residents live withing the danger zone of the volcano. A further 900k residents would be affected in the wider area by ash, poor air quality.

Taal is rated one off the most active , dangerous volcano's registered. On Sunday flights had to be cancelled due to the ash from the volcano.

Further flight disruptions may happen according to the Philippines aviation authority.

In 1911 the volcano erupted and killed 1335 lives, so the danger is taken seriously by locals.

Besides the environmental impact, the area depends on tourism for its financial support. This latest eruption will no doubt have an impact on the area that will last for some time.

Local residents

A local man explained to reporters that he has now lost everything he had, his home and livelihood. Moving his family to relatives many miles away if the only option for Marco.

This will cost him over a months wage to relocate his family. Then the struggle begins to find work in order to feed an cloth his family.

This event has a human impact that will take time to resolve, time to emotionally heal. I can only hope that everything goes well for all those affected.

If you need help in this matter please reach out to the many charities out there.

Good luck Philippines.

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