Sean Penn and his 27 year old girlfriend. Rare sighting.

Updated: May 13

Sean and his girlfriend made a rare appearance this week. He attended a local charity event (Core)

They have been dating for the last three years, normally they are very reserved and hardly ever appear out together.

Sean seems to be very happy, it’s good to see a couple who don’t chase the limelight and are an example of Hollywood‘a good side.

Sean Penn has been around forever, here are some facts on the Hollywood actor, producer and director.

  • 67 acting credits

  • First role was in the little house on the prairie

  • He is a director

  • He is a producer

  • He has written

  • Born August 17, 1960, California.

  • Sean Penn has two children

  • He has been married twice, once to Maddona

Sean Penn h is a talented individual who has made some great movies, his acting skills are worthy of celebration. I personally have watch most of his movies and enjoyed them.

The one exception would be his guest appearance in Friends! That i did not like, that jumper was awful! I prefer Sean Penn in his standard film roles as a serious individual.

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