Modern family is ending! No way... Sarah Hyland comments.

Updated: May 17

Sarah Hyland has spoken about the end of the hit show "Modern family"

The show Modern family is awesome, funny and at times touching. It really shows realty of the modern USA family. This show will truly be missed.

Modern family is ending! No way... Sarah Hyland comments.

Sarah Hyland has said the emotional level is high at the moment, some crew members crying at the thought of the end of the hit show.

The show has run for 9 years, 2009 to 2020. WOW, it seems to have gone so quick. I personally will miss the laughter the show modern family has given me over the years, I will miss the wonderful Ed, Oneal.

That guy is a legend, I remember watching Married with children form the old days, man that show was great.

Ed, if your listening remake married with children. that would be a great it. just put a modern twist on it...

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