How to make a delicious shish kebab, it’s so tasty.

Updated: Aug 15

Hi all, today I want to show you how to make a delicious shish kebab. This recipe is an old family recipe that has been passed down for generations. Lately I have shown my children on how to make shish kebabs, it’s one of there favourites.

Traditionally a shish kebab is cooked in a tandoori clay oven, normally over coals. The tandoori oven gives the kebab its char coaled flavour. It’s so delicious.

Growing up and spending time in a restaurant kitchen was so exciting. The sounds, smell and hustle and bustle. They were great times for a young boy.

If like me you do not have a tandoori oven, don’t worry, it’s cooks just fine in a pan, or a conventional


My favourite thing was to watch my father cook so fast. Preparing a variety of dishes that seemed so easy to him. Obviously this took years of practice, he was an awesome cook. This is where I learned all my recipes.

So let’s talk about how to make shish kebabs.

So firstly what ingredients do you need to make a delicious shish kebab.

  • 2 lb of mince lamb or beef

  • 1 tea spoon of haldi powder

  • 1 tea spoon of dhania powder

  • 1 tea spoon of chilli powder

  • 3 tea spoon of curry powder

  • 1 tea spoon of tomato puree

  • 1 small green chilli

  • 0.5 tea spoon of salt

  • handful of fresh coriander

  • Vegetable oil

How to make a delicious shish kebab

This is the easy part of the process.

I want you to take all of the ingredients and place into a large bowl, ready for mixing.

Now its time to get your hands dirty. After washing your hands you can now mix all the ingredients together. Really get stuck in, mix the ingredients completely.

Once mixed leave to stand for 24 hrs in the fridge. This will really intensify the flavour. My father always told me this is the part that makes the dish.

The next day.

Go the the fridge and collect the amazing shish kebab mix. Now you have a choice of having the kebabs round or sausage shape. This is purely a personnel preference, does not impact taste.

make sure you have a clean surface to work with. Collect a small ball of kebab mix and shape to your want. Ensure all kebab shapes are the same quantity/weight.

Heat your pan with a little vegetable oil. Once the pan is hot place your kebabs in the pan. Cook the kebabs until golden brown. Slow heat at first then high to brown the outside.

The smell will be wonderful, it will fill your kitchen with spice.

Time to serve the beautiful shish kebabs to your family.

Serve the kebabs with salad and some yogurt dip, mint sauce is good.

Once cooled down store the kebabs in the fridge and eat within a couple of days.

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