Hire a Lean Six-Sigma Black Belt for a modern business to survive.

Updated: Apr 30

Lean Six-Sigma Black Belt for business

In the modern business world of today we must be flexible to customer requirements. It is truly a competitive dog eat dog world. The modern business must be able to flex to demanding customer needs that are for ever chancing.

Hire a Lean Six-Sigma Black Belt for a modern business to survive.

The customer expects a quality low cost product as quick as possible. If a business is static and stuck with the old way of thinking it will struggle and inevitably close its doors.

A modern business must be willing to drive its SPC down year on year, look at its conversion cost productivity. This will mean lowering scrap and eliminating overtime. There is no choice in the matter, your competitors are doing this for survival.

Lowering SPC (standard production costs)

Year on year a modern business must lower its running costs, lower its manufacturing costs.

If you made 100 units for £100 last year then this year it will look like this. Make 100 units for £90!

This is how you lower your SPC and get good productivity. More for less.

There are many lean six-sigma tools you can use. A Lean Six-Sigma Black Belt would first analyse the current process. This is the first step of the DMAIC process.

For me the most important. If you do not understand the process, then you will truly never improve it.

The DMAIC process is the logical, systematic approach to problem solving. The process is widely used in the top leading companies in the world. I personally have used DMAIC to the value of £20MM saving in one company over a 5-year period.

Don’t get me wrong, it is now easy, maybe one of the most difficult things a business can do. DMAIC used correctly will highlight areas of opportunity.

It will show you the waste in your business. Now most companies fail at this point, they do not want to act on the outputs of DMAIC, its easier to not see waste and hope for the best.

Listen to the data

Now we have identified waste in the process with DMAIC what are you to do?

Using the lean toolbox, you must now fix the problem, this may be technical, human or a material issue. It may be a combination of all?

Once you have identified and fixed the issues use DMAIC and lean tools you now must ensure the contrail phase. This will give you sustainability. The opportunity to drive costs down year on year.

This is what your competitors are doing. If you do not have a Lean six-sigma black belt in your company, HIRE ONE. A lean Six-Sigma Black Belt with save you money, may save your business.

Hire a Lean Six-Sigma Black Belt for a modern business to survive.

One thing to remember.

Always use a reputable Lean Six-sigma Black Belt, as in any business there are those who think they know lean? Research the black belt, what kind of companies did they work for? If they worked for unknown companies and have no evidence to show you of past projects, do not use them.

A black belt is not cheap, this is for a reason, they will save you money. Research, pay the right price for the right service.

Do not cut corners here, it will be more waste added to your total loss.

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