Hailie jade, Eminem daughter age? How old is SHE?

Updated: Apr 30

Hailie Jade Scott is the daughter of hip-hop superstar Eminem, enough said. I have was once a fan of Eminem, back in the day. Lately we have not heard much of him?

Maybe a comeback is on the cards...don't know.

Hailie jade, Eminem daughter age? How old is SHE?


So how old is Hailie Jade Scott?

Hailie Jade was born, Hailie Jade Scott Mathers on Christmas day 1995 in Detroit, Michigan.

Hailie is thought to have a degree in psychology and entrepreneurship from Michigan State University.

Speaking about his daughter, Eminem has said: “She has been my main source of drive and motivation, especially when she was first born.

"I was so worried about my dauhter?"

Hailie Jade is now a successful model on Instagram, how successful you might ask? 1.8m followers. That's not bad.

Eminems daughter's age. Birthday girl, 24.

The famous daughter of Eminem turned 24 years of age on Christmas Day and celebrated with a glamorous ’70s-inspired photo-shoot.

In the snaps, which she shared on Instagram on Wednesday, Scott is rocking two different looks: a sequined plunging romper and a pinstripe halter style jumpsuit with a keyhole neckline.

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Songs where Eminem mentions, or related to Hailie Jade.

Mockingbird (Eminem song)

on Eminem's greatest hits compilation album Curtain Call: The Hits (2005). The song is another that addresses Eminem's relationship with his daughter Hailie Jade

Kim (song) (redirect from Kim (Eminem song)

late 1998. He wrote it, along with "'97 Bonnie & Clyde" (where Eminem and his daughter go to the lake to dispose of Kim's dead body), when he and Kim Jade

Infinite (Eminem album)

Jade Mathers, Eminem's newborn daughter while on limited funds and his strong desire to get rich. After the release of Infinite, Eminem's personal struggles

Rap Devil

Machine Gun Kelly tweeted about Eminem's daughter, Hailie Jade Mathers: "Ok, so I just saw a picture of Eminem’s daughter... and I have to say, she is hot

Killshot (song) (redirect from Killshot (Eminem song)

Kelly made a tweet about Eminem's daughter, Hailie Mathers. The tweet read, "ok so I just saw a picture of Eminem's daughter...and I have to say,

When I'm Gone (Eminem song)

from whom Eminem was divorced when the song was released. Kim's daughter Whitney Laine Scott, whom Eminem thinks of as his own daughter, is also featured

The Eminem Show

eulogy to his daughter, Eminem clearly raps the line 'I'm so glad her mom didn't abort her'. P., Ethan (June 3, 2002). "Eminem: The Eminem Show". Pitchfork

Revival (Eminem album)

com/reviews/id.3049/title.review-eminems-revival-a-sober-middling-effort-from-a-weathered-legend# Findley, Mitch (December 20, 2017). "Eminem "Revival" Review". HotNewHipHop

The Slim Shady LP (redirect from Brain Damage (Eminem song)

neighborhood with their newborn daughter Hailie, where their house was burglarized numerous times. After being evicted from his home, Eminem traveled to Los Angeles

'97 Bonnie & Clyde (redirect from Just the Two of Us (Eminem song)

Strange Little Girls. The song has Eminem dumping his ex-wife, Kim Mathers', corpse in the lake with his then-infant daughter Hailie.

Relapse (Eminem album)

in-defense-of-eminems-horrorcore-masterpiece-relapse Archived July 5, 2017, at the Wayback Machine Reid, Shaheem (April 29, 2010). Eminem Calls Relapse

D12 (category Eminem)

his song "Chemical Imbalance", which contained a reference to Eminem's daughter. Eminem was not present during the tour.

The Marshall Mathers LP (redirect from Kill You (Eminem song)

turned Eminem from an underground rapper into a high-profile celebrity. The rapper, who had previously struggled to provide for his daughter Hailie,

The Recovery Tour (category Eminem concert tours)

Australian shows since 2001. Eminem had stated before the release of Relapse that he would not tour the album, due to his daughter, Hailie, not liking him

Not Alike (category Eminem songs)

beats. Eminem also imitates Migos' "Bad and Boujee" flow in the hook. The song disses rapper Machine Gun Kelly, who called Eminem’s daughter, Hailie Jade

Everlast (musician) (section Feud with Eminem)

Eminem's strained relationships with his wife and mother, it was "Better run and check your kid for your DNA", again referring to Eminem's daughter,

Slim Shady EP (category Eminem EPs)

and CD. During this time, Eminem and his wife, Kim Scott lived in a high-crime neighbourhood with their newborn daughter Hailie Jade

Floor 13 (song)

his daughter "slapping" another child for talking about him, and his rivalry with Eminem in late 2018. Although it is not confirmed to be Eminem who: Further information, click here. wiki

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