Will celebrities save Australia.

Updated: Apr 30

(Picture:Getty images)

In case you didn’t notice, there is a crisis in Australia – but who would have thought Hollywood would be the one to come to the rescue?

(Picture:Getty images)

The debate of is the Australian wild fire a cause of global warming or human error is a big topic of discussion. At first certain groups claimed global warming for this catastrophic event.

Some media outlets pointed the finger towards an individual starting the fire? The current output is that it may have been started by an individual and then fed by the extra ordinary warm weather.

The damage: Lets put aside the dollar value, the monetary piece of this tragic event. The cost to human and wildlife is extremely sad.

It has been stated that over 1bn animals have been killed during the fire outbreak! Unbelievably sad, what a massive loss to the Australian wildlife population.

This includes 30% of the Koala population.....

Lets talk about public donations.

When Notra-Dame Cathedral burnt down a massive 1bn Euros was raised by the public? OK, I appreciate the history of this building. But lets not forget its just a building.

Australia has lost human lives (25), wildlife and peoples homes. This surely should get the same public response? Unfortunately, to date it has not, no where near.

So people, give a thought and a dollar to this awesome cause.

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