55 Celebrities hanging out with their younger selves

Updated: May 13

To show that even celebrities can’t escape ageing, Dutch artist Ard Gelinck and photo_time_travelling created a series of photo-shops showing them with their younger selves.

Now and again we all look in the mirror and think, WOW, I’m looking a bit older!

Unfortunately thats life.

Sometimes I look back at some old photos of myself and think how much I have changed.

It seems time just goes by and before you know it you look different, may I say older.

Maybe as a project we should do as below and make an image or two of our younger selves with today’s look,, interesting. I may do that and let you guys know?

Anyway, enough of me and lets look at our favourite stars, then and now images.

Below are some awesome examples.

55 Celebrities Hanging Out With Their Younger Selves

Images:#celebritieswiththeiryoungerselves #dutchartistardgelinck

#photo_time_traveling #unbelievablephotosofcelebsthenandnow

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