How to open your Yahoo mailbox

In our modern society it is extremely to communicate with your workforce and family. Yahoo mailbox is a fantastic tool every one should use. It has high end built in security to keep all your mail secure. And the most important thing, yes, Yahoo mailbox is free to use for everyone. We just wanted to share with you on how to open your Yahoo mailbox. 

How to open your Yahoo mailbox

Step 1- Open your favourite Web browser

Step 2 - Navigate to

Step 3 - Click the "Mail" link in the Yahoo Sites panel on the left.

Step 4 - Type your ID in the Yahoo ID field

Step 5 - Type your password in the Password field.

Step 6 - Click the "Sign In" button to log in to your Yahoo account.

Step 7 - Click the "Inbox" link at the left to open your Yahoo mailbox.

Step 8 - All unread emails are highlighted with a bold font.

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